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This Conference was held by Nattergalen Lillehammer, Norway, the 24th- 25th of February as a zoom Conference.
The theme for this Conference was: REFLECT, RE-THINK AND RE-STORY in Supervision 

How can supervision help mentors to reflect on their own experiences, create new narratives and get a better understanding of their own action so that mentoring will not only become learning by doing but also learning by reflective doing?
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Here you can download the PPT from the key note speaker Sunil Loona

Here you can download PPT:s from the seminars:
PPT. “Project “Cultural Heart” by Carol Kvande and Janne Aaseb Johnsen

PPT. How to increase self-understanding and awareness through the use of
creative methods and activities in mentorship,
by Elisabeth Arnesen, Oslo met

PPT Mentors diaries, social effective learning by Margit Severa & Karl Wegenschimmel, Lins Austria