Prizes and Awards


Carina Sild Lönroth and the Dean Jessica Eriksson

Karlstad university, in Sweden have elected Nightingale manger Carina Sild Lönroth as a honorary doctor- doctor honoris causa, at Karlstad University. The ceremony took place the 3rd of December. For those who understand Swedish and want to read more about it,
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Nightingale Linz, Austria, the Municipality Integrations award


Carina Sild Lönroth awarded with The Royal Society Pro Patria Medal

Näktergalen, Malmö, Sweden, The Malmö University Widening participation and inclusion award

Näktergalen Malmö, Sweden Malmö’s integration prize


Nattergalen, Östfold University Collage, Norway, The University Collage Education prize


Näktergalen, Malmö awarded with the Malmö’s integration prize


Näktergalen Malmö, Sweden, pointed out by Swedish Council for Higher Education as ”one good example” in Sweden ”increasing social and ethnic diversity”.