The Swedish Nightingale mentoring Programme ”Näktergalen” in Malmö was born, as a pilote project using the Perach, in Israel as a model.

During the years Näktergalen, at Malmö University, has been spread to other Universities in Sweden, Europe and to Africa. Näktergalen concept has also been running with different target groups in Malmö.

The Näktergalen started at Kristianstad University and at University of Lund (Campus Helsingborg)

The Näktergalen/Nightingale was implemented in eight European countries:
Norway, Switzerland, Germany, Slovenia, Austria and Spain through the ”Mentor Migration”, an approved EU application Comenius 2.1. The project was coordinated by the manager of Näktergalen at Malmö University.

The Näktergalen started at Borås University.

A new target group: Näktergalen Senior started in Malmö.

A cooperation between the manager of the Näktergalen, at Malmö University and The Ministry of Children and Equality made it possible to implement Nattergalen into eight Universities in Norway.

Näktergalen started at Växjö University

A new target group: Näktergalen Entrepreneur, Malmö, Sweden
and Näktergalen Youth Malmö Sweden

The “Nightingale Mentoring Network” was initiated, to facilitate the cooperation between all Nightingales in Europe.
An approved Eu application Nightingale InterGen, started in six European cities. Read more here.

The Nightingale, Rossinyol, started in Barcelona, Spain

The Nightingale Ruiseñor started at a public University of Navarra, Spain.

The Nightingale Helsinki started in Finland .

A new target group: Näktergalen Personal (Staff and refugees), Malmö Sweden.

Näktergalen started at Halmstad University.

The Nightingale started in Riga, Lattvia.

The Nightingale started in Salzburg and Graz, Austria.

An EU application made it possible to start The Nightingale Formula in six European countries

Näktergalen ungdom (Youth), started in Malmö Sweden.

The Nightingale Tarragona, started in Spain.

The Nightingale Bilbao, started in Spain.
The Nightingale Uganda, started in Africa.

Näktergalen Ensamkommande (refugees) Malmö, started in Sweden.
Näktergalen Karlstad, started in Sweden.

The Nightingale Ghana started.
Näktergalen LSS (senior with difficulties), started in Malmö, Sweden.