Previous Network Meetings

Network Meeting in Berlin 2023
“The Nightingale – Past, Present and the Future”

Network Meeting/Conference 2022, a “Zoominar”
“Reflect, re-think, re-story in supervision”.
Minutes from the Network Meeting in Lillehammer, Norway

Network Meeting 2021, A “Zoominar”
“Dealing with challenges become learning potentials”

Network Meeting/ Conference in Malmö, Sweden 2020
The 10th Network meeting was held in Malmö, Sweden the 24th of February – 25th of February 2020. It was also a celebration of The Networks 10th anniversary.
Minutes from The Network Meeting and The Nightingale 10th celebration. Malmö, Sweden 2020.

Network Meeting/ Conference in Bodö, Norway 2018
the 9th Network Meeting and Conference
Minutes from The Network meeting in Bodö, Norway, 2018.