What do students learn in mentoring?

This is a new article from 2024 by: Glømmen Anne Margrethe, Brevik Saethern Beate & Eriksson Rikard (2024) Students´learning outcomes from being a mentor in the Nightingale Mentoring Programme for Adult Refugees in Norway. Emerald Insight.

Most studies on mentoring refer to the benefits of having a mentor, whereas the benefits of being a mentor have been ignored a lot. But this article however shows some of the benefit and learning mentor get.
The results showed that mentoring changed the mentors’ perspectives towards improved understanding, more flexibility and approval of other cultures. It seems that mentoring expanded the mentors’ search for values, wishes and resources, including an awareness that our values, wishes and needs are more similar than different. Mentoring also seems to have improved the ability to reformulate, be flexible, strive to optimise user engagement and engage with people as they are, based on their own prerequisites

As one mentor describes it: ”It’s amazing to realize how limited my insight into other cultures actually is, even though I used to believe otherwise”

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