What type of impact could social mentoring programs have? An exploration of the existing assessments and a proposal of an analytical framework

By  Òscar Prieto-Flores & Jordi Feu Gelis, University of Girona

 ABSTRACT: This study carries out a review of the existing scientific literature in the field of social mentoring and its effects on youth at risk of social exclusion as well as on other vulnerable groups. We start by presenting the range of programs evaluated and the different ways these evaluations have been approached. An analytical framework is also presented to delve into the study of the orientation and socio-political context of social mentoring, as well as a definition of the concept in accordance with emerging new social realities. To conclude, we emphasize the need for a wider range of research and evaluation that can better inform about the practice of social mentoring programs that are emerging in Spain, Europe and Latin America.

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Blivande lärare, empati och mentorskap ( In Swedish)

-En kvalitativ studie om hur blivande lärare utvecklar sin empatiska förmåga genom mentorskap
Resultatet visar att alla de intervjuade upplevde att deras empati hade utvecklats genom att de haft en nära relation och tät kontakt med en person som hade en helt annan livssituation än de själva
By Kajsa Carlsson och Adriana Eriksson, Högskolan i Halmstad (2018) 

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How to Measure the Long-term Outcome?

Master thesis by Verena Kofler (in German)

Social programs have to deal increasingly with their effects and are required to prove them. The aspect of long-term effects is often neglected. The present study investigated the question of how short- and long-term outcomes can be measured by an impact assessment on the mentoring program ‘Nightingale’, focusing on two of its main objectives: the increase of the educational motivation and the strengthening of self-esteem.
The work presents the possibilities and limitations regarding planning and hypothetical implementation of a long-term impact analysis in the field of social economy.
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