First Newsletter of the year 2022

Dear Nightingale friends,
welcome back, hoping the new year stated well!

As already decided our next Network meeting & Conference will be held at Zoom, arranged by Nightingale at Lillehammer University in Norway.
The program will almost be as decided …but cost nothing! Lillehammer will pay for all, the Keynote speaker and for the cultural event we can take part in. So now you will have the great opportunity to invite student, mentors, contact persons and your network in the municipality and at your university for free.
We will also have an optional gathering in the evening the 24th of February.

The program will start 9.45 the 24th and end 1 o´clock the 25th of February.

Las day for registration will be the 18th of February. A link will be sent to all registered.

Click here to get the interesting program, agenda for the days.
Looking forward seeing you all!

Despite the covid everyone is trying to run the Nightingale program. And as always we meet passionate and clever students who reflect on mentoring, on children´s life and living condition and as well on their own life and living. One good aspect of mentoring is the mentors reflection, – how do I live my life, but also the moral aspect, how should life be lived and what society do I want. Today when we face so many challenges I think it is so important to have and get insight into different aspect of the society, to be able to understand, but also to improve for other.

Here one reflection from one mentor in Nightingale Vienna:

“Patience is one factor that I was able to train in this project. Since we live in an incredibly fast time, in which everyone has to be available at all times, one often loses patience in dealing with other people. This is particularly evident in our compulsory internships when we observe mentors who do not even let the children think for two seconds, but immediately asks the next raised hand to formulate the correct answer. Accordingly, we should all work to give children time to focus on things and not humiliate them if they don’t spit out the answer in the next second. Spending several hours with a young child whose knowledge of German is not yet fully available trains your own patience enormously.

I am sure that my empathy towards her person and character has led to a strong basis of trust. I’m proud of that too. One cannot emphasize too often the appreciation of diversity and individuality. Because there are still prospective teachers who want to move to a small, cozy village in the country immediately after graduation in order to teach a class that is as white and homogeneous as possible. If everyone thought that way, there would be a lack of staff in schools that do not have privileged children. For whom we are often the only common thread they can cling to. In addition, there should be more intensive preoccupation with and examination of the needs of different children. We should be interested in their worlds, take their development phases seriously and, above all, act in a constructive and supportive manner in their pubertal phase.”

(Tara, Teacher-Student, final online-report_June_2020)

December Newsletter

Dear Nightingale friends,


Unfortunately the Covid situation in our countries is bad again so the board have decided to adjust to the situation and be safe, under the current circumstances. We have to call of our meeting in Lillehammer the 24th of February – 25th, 2022.
But don´t cry…we will have the Conference anyway – it will be digital but almost the same.
The zoominar will be two days, a little shorter but it will be an interesting version. There will also be time for you to get to know each other in Breaking rooms and there will even a pub in the evening!
We will adjust the agenda as soon as possible and give you more details in January, next year.

Partner news
As already mentioned I ( Carina) am now a Honorary Doctor at Karlstad University, where we also have our Nightingale bird singing, lead by Petra Johansson.
It was two fantastic days at the University in Karlstad and the ceremony is now a memory for life for me!
But as I said my wish is that the light will not only shine on me but on The Nightingale and give us more national and international attention and priority at our University for our work with compassion and humanity.
I also think, to be honest, the hat should be meant for all our mentors who actually do the most work and deserve it!
Since I promised, some partners to show you photos from the ceremony
here they are.

Now the board wish you all the best, we also wish you a Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Thank you for your effort in the Nightingale due all the restriction and obstacles we have had because of the Corona.
We are looking forward to meet you all, first digital at the Conference the 24th of February. But fingers cross maybe we can meet physically in the year 2022.

November Newsletter

Dear Nightingale friends,
we are very much looking forward to the 11th Network Meeting and Conference, this time in Lillehammer, Norway, the 24th of February until the 25th.

“Reflect, re-think and re-story in supervision.”
Now we also have a blog where you can apply and get more information about the agenda, keynote speaker, events, venue and accommodation.
Remember to apply at the latest the 18th January 2022.

You will also find information at the page “Lillehammer, Norway, 2022”, which will be regular updated, if needed.
Click here to get more information on the blog

Please spread the news to colleagues, network partners, the university, schools and local networks.

Imagine if there was a war and no one showed up…In this street art project, refugees, students and artists have worked side by side to spread a significant message to all of us” says Beate Sæthern from Østfold University College.

The street art project is carried out in collaboration with refugees and mentors (students) in the “Nightingale Mentoring Program for Adult Refugees at Østfold University College.

  1. Louay from Syria takes a picture of his wife after her contribution to the wall “A + L heart art”. He lives in Sarpsborg, and she was reunited with her husband two weeks ago.
  2. Zuhur came to Norway as a refugee from Eritrea, and is currently studying Work and Welfare at Østfold University College. She chose to write her message “Where I have my freedom, I have my home” both in her mother tongue and Norwegian.
  3. Mazkin from Syria had prepared thoroughly in advance to translate his message into Norwegian. “The children are our future” and “Hand in hand we build the country”

Yan Zhao, who is associate professor in social work at Faculty of Social Sciences, Nord University.
Yan Zhao took over as the coordinator of Nightingale in Bodø, August, 2021 from her colleagues Marit Tveraabak and Bjørnar Blaalid.
She has worked with social work education since 2012. The subjects she teaches include social work in multicultural context, cultural competence, social work theories,   interdisciplinary/interprofessional collaboration, community work, and work, welfare and inclusion. Her research covers topics such as  transnational adoption, ethnic relations, nation and nationhood, migration and health, migration, aging and intergenerational relationship, as well as transnational and intercultural perspective in social work. Her work is inspired by feminist and postcolonial theories.

Anti-Racism Education and Training for Adult Mentors Who Work With BIPOC
(Black, Indigenous, and People of Color Adolescents)
Read more on the page: “Research about mentoring”.


Dear Nightingale friends,
Welcome back to a new semester and a new Nightingale year.

This semester we are really looking forward to go back to a new normal, at least with physical meetings between the mentors and mentees. During the Covid we have noticed partners ability to adapt to the situation and let mentors and mentees meet on-line, which as mentioned before has been a great challenge but when we now look back, this was the best we could have done – to be creative and not loose contact. The most important is: mentees can rely on their mentors and they know they care about them and they did not leave them even when the Covid restrictions was there!

Now we are very much looking forward to also meet all of you which soon will be possible at the:


Lillehammer 2022 are waiting for us!
The theme will be: Reflect, re-think, and re-story in supervision

At this network meeting we will discuss how supervision can help our mentors to create new narratives and a better understanding of their own action. Mentoring should not only become learning by doing, but also learning by reflective doing.

We will discuss and listen to partners experiences of supervision, from different perspective and we have invited an interesting Keynote speaker.

There will also bee three or four presentations with different examples of supervision delivered.
You can read more about the Network Meeting at the page: Lillehammer 2022

The blog with more details will soon be available with details about the fee, the hotels and the agenda etc.

Partners presentations

Nightingale Karlstad started in the autumn of 2016. It is a collaboration between municipality of Karlstad and Karlstad University that finances 50% each.
So far, 103 students and 294 students in primary school have participated. All students, regardless of education, can apply to become a mentor.
The next round starts in October 2021.
There are three schools in Karlstad municipality that participate. This round 90 students in primary school want to be part of the Nightingale, so now recruitment of about 35 mentors is ongoing.
Each mentor gets 1-3 students in primary school with whom to do different activities. Some of the activities take place in groups, where all mentors participate, some take place on their own with their group. Examples of activities are visiting the university, having coffee together (Swedish ”fika”), playing games, various sport activities, cooking, baking, discussing life issues, studies and opportunities as an adult.
The benefits of being in a group is many! Among other things the students in primary school get to know more friends, do fun activities in their free time, share the positive activities together with classmates and take this back to school, into the classroom. They get to see each other in other contexts, learn to respect each other, agree to decide with their mentor what activities they should do during the 8 months they are part of Nightingale.

All activities are financed of the project the students do not receive any compensation in addition to the costs of activities, they contribute their time because they want to make a difference for other people..
Last round we had to switch from physical meetings to digital meetings to the ongoing pandemic for a couple of months. The need to meet physical was clearly great and when students and their mentors got to meet again and do activities together, the happiness was great!

Quatations from some children/youth:
”You get to do things with new people who are a little older than us and see how it is to study at the university”

”It is important that it does not cost anything. Get away from everyday life, get to do something out of the ordinary.

Mentors: ”Students in primary school show great interest in in education and career paths.”
”They are very proud and happy to be part of the project.”

Teachers :”The students have been looking forward to it. For some, it has been extra important as they may otherwise lack a social network.”
”I think this project has developed some students very much.”

//Best regards Petra Johansson, project manager Nigtingale Karlstad, Karlstad University

Other News
For your attention:
Our Nightingale Mentoring Network is listed in the Yearbook of International Organizations (UIA) open year book. (The organization is an independent, not-for-profit research institute founded in 1907 to promote and facilitate the work of international associations)
All our Nightingale conferences “Events” over the year since the Network started in the year 2010 and our aims, the history etc., everything is mentioned and listed here.
Click here to read more

We have very productive partners in our Network so don´t forget to sometime look into the page “About” and click on “Nightingale research and evaluations” where you can find interesting research from our partners, there is a new one from Spain, for example.
There is also an English translation abstract of Peter Stammerjohanns text:
The Processes of Bildung in pedagogical contact zones. Crises as potential for Bildung within the framework of the organization of intercultural tandems.

We have also our own You Tube Nightingale channel with film, interviews etc.
Nightingale Mentor – Näktergalen
If you have anything you want to upload, please contact Carina.

Newsletter June 2021

Hope everyone is fine and that we all soon can take a deep breath hoping the Covid-19 will disappear when the vaccination now is here.
It seems we are all impressed of the creativity our mentors and mentees have shown during this year.
Fingers cross, for next semester and wishes all mentors and mentees now will be able to meet physically.


The bord have discussed and will now suggest one partner from each National network to be included in the board. That means one partner from Spain network, one from Norway network and Germany (included Austria and Switzerland) network will be selected ( at next Network Meeting). That means each partner countries will be represented and ideas, suggestions or wishes from the all national network will be discussed in the board.
One suggestion is also that short Minutes from each network will be distributed to the board, with ideas, suggestions or news for coming event, Network Meetings or things they just want to share in the newsletter.

After a meeting with members from Spain the board have also decided to offer all NGO Nightingales to take part in the Network for free. We will also invite David from Nightingale Ghana, next semester to join the Network for free.
Minutes from the board you will always find on this page

We have a You tube channel: Nightingale Mentor – Näktergalen
if you have any film or clip you want to add, please contact Carina.

Another reminder is to change your links from your own homepage to this page. Some of you have old links.

Next Network
will be in Lillehammer, Norway, the 24th – 25th of February, 2022.
The theme will be “Supervision” and the day will include partner presentations and experience exchange.
The second day the 25th a lecture will be presented but there and we will also have time for discussions.

News from Spain/Catalunia
We are happy to share a new research article by partners in Girona. The research is showing evidence that mentors can help and promote positive intercultural relationships for young immigrants and refugees. They can for example play an important role promoting social, cultural, and linguistic inclusion.
Titel: Results of Mentoring in the Psychosocial Well-Being of Young Immigrants and Refugees in Spain by Anna Sánchez-Aragón,Angel Belzunegui-Eraso & Òscar Prieto-Flores 
Please read more on the page: “Nightingale research and evaluation”

News from Berlin:
Berlin have printed a nice new flyers/broschure.

Peter Stammerjohann´s book from 2019:
Bildungsprozesse in Padagogischen Begegnungsraumen: Irritationen ALS Bildungspotential Im Rahmen Der Organisation Von Interkulturellen Tandems is now avaliable. (but only in German)

There are also two more new article uploaded on the webpage about group mentoring.
See more at the page: “Research about mentoring”.

News from Malmö and Karlstad university, Sweden
I am happy to tell you that I have been elected as a honorary doctor- doctor honoris causa, at Karlstad University. The ceremony will take place the 3rd of December.

For those who understand Swedish and want to read more about it, please click here

Mentoring is an investment in so many ways for our future generation and a way to include them
in the society. I wish mentoring would be as important for our politicians as it is for us.
Agenda 2030 with 17 Global Goals goal is aiming to have the power to create a better world by 2030, by ending poverty, fighting inequality and addressing the urgency of climate change …but we have more work than ever to do! Guided by the goals, it is now up to all of us, governments, businesses, civil society and the general public to work together to build a better future for everyone.
I just also want to say: mentors and You have all worked hard aiming to include our next generation in the society and all of you have invested so much time and engagement but most of all you have the will to change and improve for other – You are doing so much for a better and sustainable society and I just want to say: YOU are so great!

As one national economist in Sweden once said: Don´t ask what it cost- ask instead what it cost not to do all this!
THANK YOU! Best wishes for a nice and relaxing summer and holiday!


March/ April Newsletter- 2021

Dear Nightingale friends,
What a success.! Almost 30 participant at our first Zoominar the 24th of February – from Linz and Vienna in Austria, from Berlin, Germany, Zug in Switzerland, from Barcelona, Navarra and Girona in Spain, from different cities in Norway and from Karlstad and Malmö in Sweden. Thank you for doing this day, why not make it to a tradition!

A resumé:
* The idea to take part in partners research and be able to meet again – nice and positive.
* The Covid has made everyone more creative and innovative. Handwriting letters have been used and outdoors activities have been more common.
* Digital media etc. have been used more frequently but the inequality is also visible with children without computers or access to internet.
The board will discuss another Zoominar focusing on Mentoring in a holistic perspective.

Here you can down load Liv Randi Rolands PPT
Here is Peters Stammerjohanns PPT

Unfortunately we have sad news from Sweden “Näktergalen Kristianstad” which Fredrika Braw has been running together with students for many years but has now come to its end.
I want to thank Fredrika for her great work, her passion and her compassion over the years. I truly wish her good luck in the future. I also want to thank all students and those working in the program over the years but also the mentors, children, parents/caregivers and the participating schools.

Fredrika Braw

Fredrikas letter to you:
“This year certainly brought us challenges, even aside from the ongoing pandemic which did not even let us start our work this semester.
Unfortunately, for financial reasons, our co-partner
Kristianstad Municipality decided to cancel the Nightingale partnership. Kristianstad University started The Nightingale Mentoring Network as a project in 2005 with a lot of help and support from our Nightingale Lady, Carina Sild Lönroth. It has involved approximately 20 nightingale pairs every year since.

Last year we even had a former mentee as a mentor and even became our coordinator this year. She wanted to give the same joy and experience to a child which she once was given by her mentor. That was one of those magic moments that we had the possibility to experience in the Nightingale – the impact.

So, this is our last goodbye. I am very grateful for having had the privilege to meet so many wonderful people, students, and kids over the past six years. And for having the opportunity to be the manager of this truly great organization.
So, instead of working with the Nightingale mentor teams this semester, we had to prepare for the liquidation. It is kind of a sad feeling going through all the stuff which has been used over the past 16 years. Storing it, putting it in the archives together with a lot of good memories.

Just to make a little something for all the kids that had been waiting to start their journey together with the mentor, but could not because of the tough university restrictions, we arranged a digital goodbye party. They were invited for a quiz, with nice prizes for everyone. They also got to look at short videos with greetings from the intended students.
Also, we packed four full boxes with all the stuff being left from our former activities but was no longer needed because of the shutdown. The boxes were delivered by our caretaker, marked as treasure chests, containing pearls, paint, balloons, board games and all kinds of different crafts together with a smaller box of snacks, candy, and soda to enjoy at the party. They were hidden in various locations at the school and could only be found with a treasure map.
The kids know they can do whatever they like with the treasure chests. Perhaps they will pass it on to other kids that need it more. Perhaps it could be the beginning of a new project arranged by the kids themselves.

We hope to see them all at the university in a few years!
Take care and keep up the fantastic job that you are doing out there!”
All the best!
Fredrika Braw

Don´t forget to look into our pages: “Nightingale research and evaluation” or “Research about mentoring“. They are often uploaded with new research and interesting reading about mentoring.

Best wishes to all.
You are doing a great work!

January/February 2021

Dear Nightingale friends

The Covid pandemic has hit the world hard, especially our elderly but we can also see that children are affected. In the newsletter New York Time, the 21 of January, you could read about the facts that over 4 000 children in New York State have lost a parent to the Covid-19 virus and over half of those children are living in Bronx, Brooklyn or Queens! For some of these children however mentoring has been of a very big importance. So as we all know mentoring can make a difference.
Please read more by clicking on the link. NY Times the 21th of January

The Nightingale Network Meeting and Zoominar the 24th of February
“Dealing with challenges- becoming learning potentials”

The consequences of the Covid -19 for The Nightingale mentoring is something we now will have the possibility to discuss at our Network Meeting and the date is getting closer. Imagine last year we were lucky to meet just before the Corona pandemic broke out…

This year we will have our Nightingale Network meeting as a Zomminar-event and we will have the privilege to take part in two interesting lectures:

* What are the potentials? Looking at the caregivers role in mentoring.
* Dealing with irritations- challenging potentials of being mentors.

Hope all of you will share this zoominar-event in your own network at your University, local schools and in your municipality.
You can link to our webpage where the program already is uploaded (the zoominar link will come) Here is also a flyer available to you: Flyer for social Media)

Annual Report
The board have decided to continue with the Annual Report but you do not need to do the Mentor Evaluation any longer. So every year please fill in and send us The Annual Report.

Here is the compiled Annual Report so far from:
Austria: Linz
Norway: NTNU, Østfold, Agder, Lillehammer
Sweden: Kristianstad & Malmö

A new book
A new book about mentoring, Mentoring children and young people for social inclusion, edited by Oscar Prieto & Jordi Feu, Rossinyol, Girona.

One chapter: “Critical autonomy, social capital and mentoring programmes for children and youth” is written by colleagues from Girona University is written by our colleagues at Girona University.

Interesting research article
There is also an interesting research article about using social justice lens in mentoring is uploaded on the page: “Research about mentoring”. Take a look!

December Newsletter

Dear Nightingale friends,
hope all of you are ok and healthy!
I also hope you have been able to start a new Nightingale Year, although, all restrictions you might have done regarding the Covid-19. Surely nothing is like it has been. However it I think you have got a lot of interesting knowledge and it would be interesting to know more about what you have done, changed, learned and experienced during this time. That’s why we have planned a Zoominar in February next year. Let us meet, learn from each other and at the same time listen and discuss interesting themes, studied by two partners in our Nightingale Network. ( read more below) But first:

Nightingale has been selected as a good example by EU.
We got a letter saying:
“The European Commission would like to congratulate you on Nightingale, which we selected as an example of good practice in this month’s editorial of the School Education Gateway. We are impressed with your project, and thought it a good fit for this month’s topic, intercultural learning“. You can find it in 23 different languages. Read more here

THE NIGTINGALE FIRST ZOOMINAR , the 24th of February 2021 “Dealing with challenges – Becoming Learning Potentials“. Mentoring from a holistic perspective. 

Let us come together and celebrate our Nightingale Day with a digital Network Meeting. This is an opportunity for all of us to learn more and have experience exchange!

We all have had to fight and tackle the Covid-19 and for most of us it has meant bigger challenges and difficulties. And at the same time many children and mentors are trapped in a type of isolation. Those tandems who have started must have physical distancing and most of us have got different restriction regarding gatherings. There is for example also less to do in the city. The libraries, theatre, sport arenas etc. are closed     

That´s why we want to take the opportunity to open a Zoominar of collaboration and experience exchange. This is also a possibility for all of us to set up a range of learning outcomes, provide help to each other and invite mentors or others working with us, for ex. “Contact persons” from participating school or people working in the municipality. 

Since there is a lot of knowledge in our Network we also want to share two interesting themes by our network members Liv Randi Roland from Norway, Lillehammer and Peter Stammerjohann from Berlin, Germany.
We will use the page “Network Meetings” and upload all information needed.
It will also give you the possibility to spread the page link and invite mentors, caregivers, contact persons etc.

A new Nightingale has begun to sing in the city Trollhättan, Sweden. The University of Vest and the school “Kronan” began in October, with 13 tandems.
Here is some photos from their Kick-Off. A magician performed, children and mentors got bags and t-shirts and everyone was invited to eat pancake and celebrate. Mentors and mentees made their own bracelet and gave each other.

Article about the effects of Covid-19
Many relationships have been disrupted in a special time when children needed them most.  
In this article from New York Pos, you can read about the effect of the pandemic – children who are worried and cut off from their peers and all indirect effects, as for example increase mental health problems of parents and caregivers. The article is also about how programs struggle to address the emotional needs of “children of quarantine.”  But at the same time how the technology has open new opportunities. Read the article

New research
There is an article put on our webpage, by Gilkerson, L., & Pryce, J. (2020) about the concept of “attunement” in mentoring and a framework for relationship called – FAN.
FAN encouraged staff members to concentrate on strengthening mentor relations and also prioritizes reflective practice and theories of interpersonal communication. The next step in this development is to train the mentors on this tool.
Interesting article of how building and reflective practice can be use in mentoring. Maybe something for you to use when we discuss the Supervision.
Please read more here.

Remember! 😀

What a year! It was almost a miracle we could meet in Malmö, at ourNetwork Meeting and we also got to celebrate our 10th anniversary of our Network. Only one week later everything changed a lot, with the pandemic of Corona.

Now I want to thank you all for your cooperation and hard work in the Nightingale. Together we can be strong!

We wish everyone a very nice and relaxing holiday and a Happy New Year. Looking forward seeing you again in the 2021.

If you have to much free time… listen to Tedore Zeldin who is talking about “the art of conversation”.

October Newsletter

Dear Nightingale friend,
hope you are all fine and you could start a new Nightingale year despite the the Covid-19.
Who could imagine we still have to fight this pandemic! Be careful and do what you can, to not be infected or spread it!
For most of us we have or will soon start our new Nightingale year, maybe with fewer tandems. So is the case in our programs in Sweden. We have however been in touched and helped each other ( zoom-meetings) and all of us are hopeful. it is good to help each other so please get help from each other: experience exchange and best practice can be very helpful.

I hope you also have filed in the ANNUAL REPORT AND EVALUATION for last Nightingale year. Could you please send it to me/us the board, we want to compile it and give you the result. I also want to remind you about your own homepage, please change/correct the link to our right Nightingale Network homepage – we no longer use the link: but

Partner News
our partner Marit, in Bodö, north of Norway, will retire so we would like to give her the biggest thank you for her commitment in the Nattergalen and Nightingale Network.
It has been so nice and a privilege to have her in our network. She has been a board member and has also presented the Nightingale all around, once in Spain, together with me, Carina and Oscar from Girona. She has also published: Nattergalen- møter med muliguheter. Sett, hørt og førstått? If you interested and understand Norwegian you can download it from our webpage.
But most of all we want to thank you for her passion and hard working for all children and mentors at Bodø University and we wish you the best. Big hug! We will miss you Marit!

Marit Tverabaak
Bjørnar Blaalid

But we will of course also like to welcome our new partner: Bjørnar Blaalid.

Hi my name is Bjørnar,
I am 34 years and I have a master degree in sociology from University in Bergen. Since 2020 I am working at the University in Nord University, as associated professor. And I also have a scholarship in sociology. I have lived in Bodø 4 years, (come from Bergen, Vestlandet) and I am now the coordinator in Nattergalen Bodø, from this autumn. At Nord University we have 45 tandems. The children come from three schools in Bodø municipality. The students are studying Bachelor in the Barnevern og sosialt arbeid, (social work). I am also very interested in sport and I am running a Taekwondo course and work as a “mentor” for my Taekwondo students. 

We also want to present our new coordinator i Malmö, Sara:

Hallo everyone !
My name is Sara and since the middle of September I am Näktergalen in Malmös new coordinator. I studied social work and have been working a lot with people in different ages, with different need of help and support. It’s so much fun and meaningful working with Näktergalen together with Miriam and Carina. My first weeks have mostly been filled with interviewing the students who wants to become mentors and also interviewing all the children who wants to have a mentor! It’s been great to meet all the curious and happy students and children.

The board
we just want to inform you we have a new board member- Peter Stammerjohann, from Berlin has announced he was to take part in the board and we have welcomed him to do so.

The board have had its latest meeting the 28th of September. We decided that our next Nightingale Network Meeting will be digital as a “zoominar”. We want to use our opportunity to still be able to meet, but not physical. We have ideas regarding this Network meeting but want to discuss it with you. We want your ideas and help! Please let us know what you thing.

The meeting will be at the Nightingale Day the 24th of February. We are still thinking about the content and the audience. We would like to include mentors, contact persons from participating schools etc.
Any ideas, please let us know. Would be nice if all National Nightingale Network could discuss this and send us your thoughts and ideas.

Next board meeting will be the 23rd of November, so we would be grateful if you could send us what you have discussed and your thoughts and ideas. We will discuss your ideas and come back with a draft version.

A chapter about The Nightingale, in a new book, by Liv Roland Randi.
We would like to present chapter 10 in the book: “Values in Child Welfare Service, written by our network member Liv, (unfortunately only in Norwegian) the abstract is in English.
You will find it on our webpage under About, “The Nightingale research and evaluations”.
If you have published or written anything you would like to share. Please let us know.

Have a nice autumn. Best wishes!

Summer Newsletter 2020

Dear Nightingale friends
It has been a very special “Nightingale year”. In February we celebrated the Nightingale Network 10 anniversary in Malmö and had our Network meeting. It was so beneficially and nice meeting you all again. Then some weeks later the Covid-19 pandemic broke out with a lot of sad consequences, death, unemployment etc. In the Nightingale we have to rethink and mentors and mentees had to meet digital – a new word: social distance was born, really the opposite we are working with – our goal is to establish close relations and connecting people. Now thousands of protestors “Black life matter” have been gathered in the street all around the globe after witnessing the death of George Floyd and once again experienced racism, oppression etc. Another virus, a human virus we must fight! For this reason I can recommend an organisation: the “Equal justice initiative
and Bryan Stevensons bestselling book: Just Mercy. You can also listen to him at
Ted talk
I do not know who said this but I think it is right:

We cannot do all the good the world needs.
But the world needs all the good we can do.

Don´t forget to send us:
The Annual Report
The Mentor Evaluation
Also remember to pay the Network membership and for those who haven´t pay the Malmö Network meeting fee. Please do so.
Now something nicer…..Do not forget to save the date 24-25th of February 2022 – next Network meeting in Lillehammer, Norway!


Memory Jayne Tembo

Stavanger University want to share an interesting article about Memory Jayne Tembo´s PhD thesis. It is about the child welfare sector. Unfortunately it is only in Norwegian.Load down the article here.
But there is however another article, in English: “Parents’ emotional experiences of their contact with the Child Welfare Services: a synthesis of previous research – a research review”. Here you can load down the research article.

Rossinyol Barcelona have celebrated its 10th anniversary. Hipp, hipp hurrah. Best wishes for another 10 years!

Mentor quotiations
We also want to share some quotations from this year:

My mentee and I are from different social groups but brought together for mutual exchange. Firstly, we are from different age groups where one has more life experience than the other. This way can be used for each of us to learn from each other and grow. Secondly, we are from different cultural background. She is originally from Norway and I am from Africa but we are able to share stories and experiences and still connect.
Lastly, we are from different educational backgrounds as she is still in primary school. We can learn a lot from each other this way.

Keep up the good work! I think you have made a great match with me and my mentee. Just keep it up so! I think that this mentorship helped me learn a lot and also grow in so many ways. I think that both sides can only gain from the mentorship.

Summer reading! ;D
Always remember to look at our webpage: “Research about mentoring”. There you will find different research article about mentoring.
If You have anything you would like to share – please let us know!

Now I which you all the best and a really nice relaxing summer!